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Who We Are

Professional Barbers in Maida Vale

We’ve always been fascinated by how a haircut can improve or ruin one’s image. Growing up, every visit to the barbershop was a delight and somewhat an educational trip for us which we loved.  Listening to barber tales and watching the customers facial expressions as they walked out the door, we learned to observe whether they were happy or disappointed with the haircut they received.  We discovered that trust is very important between a barber and his customer, one wrong cut and they may never come back. 

Developing the passion for cutting hair, Golden Scissors joined the profession at a young age and vowed to become the best barber in London. Thus, the birth of the an artist in the field.  We started this establishment with the goal of customer satisfaction in mind.  Amazingly after all this years we do not look our age at all, why? Our haircuts always got us looking sharp and fresh! 

Lots of influencers go out of their way to stop by for a cut and a chat, cherish a quick relaxation and enjoy the best treatment available to them.  Some of the Golden Scissors’ customers are the busiest people in London who are either running the city or heads of corporations who have little time for anything else but their work, and yet they still manage to find time to visit.  Why? Because they need to always have the best image and the Golden Scissor will never fail to make them look great every time.

Even though Golden Scissors has super cheap prices, some celebrities still visit for the services knowing that no matter who walks thru that door, they will always exit with a smile.  These famous people refer to the guys as ‘superstar barbers’ because that’s how you will be treated once you enter the place, no matter who you are. 

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